College Life in Navi Mumbai

| April 3, 2021

I know you all are wondering what’s so special about Navi Mumbai, after all its just a “village” to people living in Mumbai, well let me tell you that there is just a bridge that separates us. I would say as a proud resident of Navi Mumbai we are a lot more than that. Navi Mumbai is the largest planned city. Infact it is even bigger than Mumbai and its suburbs put together. After completion of the Metro project, it will be one of the least populated cities with its own metro system. Since cricket is of most interest to all of us let me also tell you, IPL 1 Finals &ISL 1 Finals both were held at D.Y. Patil Stadium, Navi Mumbai. But what have we got to do with these basic facts right???


We have to know what the colleges in Navi Mumbai hold for us, Navi Mumbai has one of the most renown colleges in the area, such as NIFT which is known for BOD (Bachelor of Design) and also a part of many renown fashion events, NMIMS for PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) , D Y Patil University for BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration), Bharati Vidyapeeth College, ITM Business School, etc. College life is not just about going to “college” it’s about bunking those lectures from your attendance and hanging out with friends. It is about having the best time of your life; with people you will remember forever. So here is a tiny list of places that really added to my experience as a college student in Navi Mumbai:


  1. Seawoods Grand Central- this place says “SHOP SHOP SHOPPP”
  2. Inorbit Mall- “Timezone it is”
  3. Kharghar Hills- “cutting chai and sutta”
  4. Pandavkava Falls, Kharghar- “chai, maggi aur bhajiya”
  5. Jewel of Navi Mumbai- “workout workout workout”
  6. Central Park- “I’d say kuch bhi Karoo”


I wish had this guide, when I first came to Navi Mumbai, to be able to roam around with my friends discovering these lists of places. But this wasn’t my only struggle, my main was struggle was adjusting in this new environment with my friends. Staying with friends makes you learn all those basic household needs; you learn what is a “house budget”? And How it is to live without family? I am going to tell you about a few things different between Hostel and Home Life.

Hostel v/s Home Life

  • Food: Starting with food which is utmost importance (at least in my case). There is no comparison to home cooked food. The biggest loss which one suffers in hostel life is a home cooked food filled with mother’s love. Talking about the mess food that you get in the hostel is unmatched with the former one. But then you have an option for going out but still it can’t compensate the satisfaction of home cooked food.
  • Freedom: When it comes to freedom to enjoy and be yourself, your home is the not the right place. The undisputed freedom that you get in a hostel life allows you to explore yourself. The only thing is you should be matured enough to understand what is right and what is wrong. always know your limits.
  • Connect: A brilliant quote which explains itself. The connect that you make your peers in a hostel life is something which is impossible when you are a day scholar. Spending your whole day with the group of bright people helps you to make a strong personal connect with them. This is the most valuable thing that you will realize at later point of your life.
  • Experience: One of the things which make your life valuable. The moments that you will cherish down the life defines the quality of life you have spent. If there is any spot where you can find people from all the corners of the country at a single place, that’s a college hostel. Tons of stories, experiences, ideas, desires, hidden and suppressed talents, aspirations, frustrations and what not is to be explored at this place called HOSTEL.

Living without family always made me feel incomplete, but what helped me was Co-Living. Co-living is a type of intentional community providing shared housing for people with shared intentions. I got an opportunity to live with my friends, with our own personal space. Without the restrictions of our parents and the hostel warden. With amazing food and all basic amenities with the help of Union_Living. Union_living provided me the opportunity to live with all my friends, freely and happily.