Coliving Concept-broken down, Emergence in India

| April 3, 2021

Coliving is a new concept in India, it was something that Indians were not able to adapt to, but with changing times the scenario is now different.

What is Co-Living?

Co-Living it’s a living space shared by like-minded people who are not known to each other but have the same objective of living in a space which gives them financial freedom and freedom of thought. This concept has originated from The United States of America (USA). In cities like New York and Seatle which have one of world’s most re-known colleges and students from all the globe go for education, they don’t have enough finances to afford a high standard of living, that’s when the concept of Co-Living came into picture. Searching for people that are like-minded, with spaces at affordable price is always a challenge. In order to help these students move into a new city there are now companies such as OpenDoor, 908 Coliving and many more. These companies also help students by providing them meal subscriptions to make it easier.

When it comes to India metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata are over-crowded with a great populations of bachelors. This makes it extremely difficult to find a suitable accommodation. Along with that the additional expenses such as food, laundry and cleaning are also a concern. Co-Living is the solution to this issue, where in a budgeted package has been created to be able to find all necessities at one stop.

Another challenge while moving to a new city is people. Co-living helps you find your social buddies. They are your family when you are away from your family. This concept of Co-Living gives you a chance to interact and meet new people with diverse backgrounds coming from all over the country. This concept helps you become a part of a greater community, it helps to build personal and professional relationships.

In Mumbai approximately 20,000 students migrate for higher studies to colleges like Narsee Monjee, D.Y Patil, K.J Somaiya, NIFT. Adding onto the fees structure of these colleges the hostel charges are way too high. The introduction of the Co-Living concept has seen major changes in the bachelor life of India.

The developement of Co-Living has made it easier for bachelors to find an accommodation at affordable rates with the help of firms like Union Living, it lets you live easy, live united. Union has made it possible for students to find a suitable place to live because they understand the way people live, work and grow.

Union Living provides a lifestyle which lets you the find the freedom in your living room. They make no judgements on your requirements. Union makes it easy to find the perfect accommodation its hassle free and they take care of all your wants, needs and bills. They provide fully furnished homes which includes modern and sophisticated decor, all-inclusive utility bill which means you are free from the stress of any bill as the only bill you pay is rent, regular housekeeping, on-site laundry, High speed Wi-Fi, regular events and social gatherings which helps you find friends in Mumbai and lastly specially curated meals from the union kitchen for giving you home like food. Union living provides it all and makes your life in Mumbai hassle free and stress free.